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November, 2011
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Executive Resources 


I am always being asked, "What is a good resource for someone moving into a new leadership role?"  The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins is a must read for any one transitioning into a new leadership role.  


The book provides the reader with fundamental success principles as well as a roadmap for success.  If you are transitioning into a new leadership role or someone on your staff is, this is the ideal book for them to read- right away!!! It is helpful whether the new leadership role is a promotion within the company or in a new company.  Reading it and following these practices will expedite the new leader's effectiveness.

A Message from Carol Marturano-Becker

How's Your Game?


Lex BeckerYes it is November. All of a sudden our thoughts and actions seem to revolve around rushing to achieve those year-end goals and also to begin planning for next year. For those of you who have kids in high school, the end of October and early November represent, district, regional and state play-off games. My daughter and her soccer team had hopes of reaching the State Finals game again- she played in state finals her Freshman year. Unfortunately, although after winning districts and moving on to Regionals, her team lost before reaching that state final game. One headline the following morning summed it all up: "When it comes down to lucky versus good..." you can imagine the rest. Yes, we were good and yes the other team was lucky. Sometimes no matter how much we might want something, it might seem to be just out of our reach. Yet, it is truly these disappointing times that can serve as "moments of truth." They can set the stage for what will come next for us.
Sometimes the best team does not win. Sometime, we face disappointments at work that may leave us feeling hopeless. Whether these disappointments result from financial challenges, organization restructuring, competition in the workplace, or someone else getting that "lucky" break, we are left at a crossroad. A friend passed on an interesting article written by Roy S. Johnson from Men's Fitness magazine. I want to pass on to you what I learned from reading this article. Perhaps it can help you when, for whatever reason, you feel you "lost your game". 
Roy Johnson suggests we should "Forget about it". I have to say reading his header made me wonder.


Carol Marturano-Becker

The URGENT Coach 

The URGENT Coach ™

Results in 90 days LogoAs a result of the exciting response to the IMPACT Learning, Inc.'s newest one-on-one coaching process:  The URGENT Coach ™, we have looked at ways to make it more affordable and available so that more of you can participate.


We now offer several customized options with new tools that will accelerate your development:

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One time

"As Needed"

90 Days

6 Months

12 Months


Consider the 90 day "URGENT Coach™" Process --it is a highly customized, focused, and targeted developmental process that will address your URGENT developmental needs and help you to achieve specific goals in 90 days.


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Carol Marturano-Becker

 Carol Marturano-Becker
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