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May, 2011
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 Carol Marturano-Becker
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A Message from Carol Marturano-Becker

Welcome Spring!

Spring Rain Gear 

Of course for many of us, we are still waiting for the chill and rain to permanently leave the air!

It is hard to believe that the first quarter of 2011 is already behind us. Are these thoughts going through your mind: "Wow is time flying!"? Or are you thinking, "I have so much to do! OR "I am so far behind where I had hoped to be by now" OR I just have to keep focused."?

Right now - Today - it is crucial to evaluate where you are versus your 2011 goals. The first quarter was an important milestone to track your progress for the year. Are you where you need to be to reach that year end goal? Do you need to adjust or adapt your tactics and actions? Are you losing your focus or sense of urgency? Remember what you are doing today will determine where you are at the end of this year.

Here are some tips that can help you stay on track so that you will end 2011 successfully:



Carol Marturano-Becker

The URGENT Coach 


Do You Keep Your Promises? 

Before you provide products or services to your customers, take the time to think about what does your brand really represent? When we focus all of our efforts on delivering a Brand Promise, we are more likely to gain, retain and obtain high levels of loyalty with our customers. The Brand Promise starts with knowing what makes your product/service/company different from others, creating your brand promise and then delivering on your promise in every action that you and your staff take. 


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What's New? 


Executive or Business Coaching on the Rise 

Do you have a business coach? Are you thinking about hiring a coach? Or are you wondering if a business coach is for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may find the following highlights from a 2011 Executive Coaching Survey of interest. The survey was conducted by Sherpa and was sponsored by several business schools around the US. Here are the highlights:

  • Organizations are again offering coaching to all levels of management, instead of restricting services to include only top line executives.
  • Demand for executive coaching is on the rise. Four out of five executive coaches anticipate an increase in the demand for executive coaching in 2011, and over half of HR professionals and business leaders also expect an increase.
  • A vast majority of business professionals see the value and credibility of coaching as very high.
  • Coaching is used more often for leadership development.
  • In-person delivery of coaching is on the rise..
  • The phrase 'impact on business' (IOB) seems to describe the result most people see from executive coaching. 


Special Mother's Day Offer

Mother's DayFor the month of May, IMPACT Learning Inc. will provide 2 coaching sessions for less than the price of one. An individual can utilize the 2 sessions or the two sessions can be split and provided to 2 different people. Currently, the price for one coaching session is $297. For the month of May, you can take advantage of this special offer and purchase 2 sessions for the low price of $290. That is only $145 a session. Coaching sessions are customized to your individual needs and include tools/assessments as required, along with an action plan to address your specific need. 


For those of you interested in a longer term and more comprehensive coaching, we are also offering special pricing on our 90 day and 6 month offerings.  For more information, contact Carol.



Could your organization use a "tune up"?

We are receiving great feedback on our recently upgraded processes and programs:


Client Service Excellence

Consultative Selling


Team Development

Achieve Business Results in 90 Days


For more information visit our website or contact Carol.

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