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February, 2011
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Carol Marturano-Becker

 Carol Marturano-Becker
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A Message from Carol Marturano-Becker

Are Your Goals for 2011 SUPER SMART?


SMART GoalsAt this time of the year a frequent question I am asked is what can folks do to achieve their 2011 goals. Setting goals is not a new practice. I can remember having to establish annual goals when I kicked off my career over 25 years ago in the pharmaceutical industry and to this day, I still set goals that support my longer term vision and dreams.

Now most of us were taught at one time or another that we should write "SMART" Goals.  And most of us can still recall what the acronym stands for. Setting SMART goals is a good start; however, it is not enough. Today, we need to take SMART Goals to the next level. We need to SUPER SMART our goals.



Carol Marturano-Becker

The URGENT Coach 


The Secret - Just what is it anyhow . . .

The SecretAt least once a week, someone asks me if I ever read The Secret and what do I think about it. Yes, I have read The Secret by HelenByrne. It is not a new book - it was published nearly five years ago, and it was based on concepts introduced back in 1910 by Wallace Wattles in his book called The Science of Getting Rich.  


And what do I think of it?

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Special Coaching Promotion: In recognition of International Coaching Week (second week of February), IMPACT Learning Inc. is offering for the month of February only, one coaching session (URGENT On-The-Spot Session) for only $97. This is approximately one third of the usual price. Don't miss out on reserving your session at this low price. You can use the session anytime this year. Some folks have purchased a session for a friend, family member or colleague. At this price coaching can be affordable for everyone!


New Learning Sessions/Workshops/Clinics: The following learning sessions have recently been upgraded and can be customized for your organization's specific situations and needs.

Service Excellence: The First Time Every time (for leaders/managers/business owners)

Service Excellence:  The First Time Every time (for staff)

Sales Effectiveness:  The Consultative Approach (for leaders/managers/business owners)

Sales Effectiveness: The Consultative Approach (for sales staff)

Coaching for High Performance:  (for managers/leaders/business owners)


An executive overview is available for each session if you would like to learn more contact us.

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