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January, 2011
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Carol Marturano-Becker

 Carol Marturano-Becker
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A Message from Carol Marturano-Becker

Well Happy New Year to all!!!

If you are like most folks you are likely putting plans together for the new year. Instead of spending time thinking about a new year's resolution or listing out all the things you want to accomplish this year, I would like to suggest you take a slightly different view of 2011.


Before you start that "to-do" list, take a few minutes to consider what would have to happen for 2011 to be one of the best years of your life? Close your eyes and really visualize yourself as having the best year. What would happen both personally and professionally? Then write it down in as descriptive a manner as possible. Describe the situations, the outcomes, the responses of others, what it would mean to you and your loved ones. Once you have finished this task, then go ahead and identify your annual goals, only this time, write your goals so that they support the achievement of the "best" year. If you begin your year with the aim of the "best" year ever, and you establish goals that will support the outcomes of such a year, you are setting yourself up for greater success and greater opportunity.

Please read more for tools and tips that can help you and your colleagues to have the "best 2011". May you have a year that is happy, healthy, and prosperous!


Carol Marturano-Becker

The URGENT Coach
Kick off 2011 with the "Right" Mindset

Having the Right Mindset is the most important component when laying your foundation for success. It is essential that you are able to define just what the "right" mindset is.

Over the holidays I watched a movie called "Men of Honor". Perhaps you saw it or are familiar with the story?

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Happy Birthday

IMPACT Learning Inc. is celebrating our 14th year of business! Yahoo! It has truly been a pleasure serving all of our clients.

It is always interesting to look back over the years and considering what has changed and what has remained the same. 

Read more . . .


What's New? 


As a result of the exciting response to the IMPACT Learning, Inc. newest one-on-one coaching process: The URGENT Coach ™, we have looked at ways to make it more affordable and available so that more of you can participate.


The URGENT Coach process now includes several customized options:  One time ("On-The-Spot"), "as needed", 90 days, 6 months, 12 months with new tools that will accelerate your development.


Consider the 90 day "URGENT Coach™" Process. It is a highly customized, focused, and targeted developmental process that will address your URGENT developmental needs and help you to achieve specific goals in 90 days.

Through February 28, IMPACT Learning Inc. is offering a special: Try a one-time coaching session for only $99. 

We would also like to recognize Barbara Mandello. Barbara is located in the New York area and provides a local MidAtlantic contact for IMPACT Learning Inc. Barbara has over twenty five years experience as an HR Generalist and has been providing HR consulting services, leadership development and more in the New York area.  Contact us to learn more about our expanded HR services in the MidAtlantic Region.


Yoga: Is it for you?


So many of you tell me that the stress today is greater than ever. A great way to help you focus on your goals and at the same time relieve your stress is yoga. You can read more about the benefits of yoga and if you read the article to its end you may recognize the co-author - yes it is Carol Marturano-Becker - enjoy!!!