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August, 2010
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The new e-book/workbook URGENT!!IMPACT: Achieving Results in 90 Days - Building Your Foundation for Success 
has been published and is available for purchase. We are getting great feedback on the usefulness of this book. The book was designed to provide a guide for how you can set yourself and your business up for short term success. This e-book does much more than provide you with useful information. It also serves as a step-by-step guide and workbook that, when completed, sets you up to take yourself and your business to the next level. You can purchase the e-book through our online store for a special promotional price of $9.97. Don't wait, the time is perfect.


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For the month of September, you can arrange to meet with an ""On-The-Spot Coach for only $197 per session.  This offer is approximately half of the usual price.

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A Message from Carol Martuano-Becker
Back to School!!!
Wow, is it really the end of summer? In my household I have one student getting ready to head back to college for his second year (how did he grow up so fast?) and the other about to "kick off" (she plays soccer) her junior year in high school. As I look around, I see all kinds of excitement as they plan their schedules, buy new clothes, think about seeing others who they haven't seen all summer and of course, getting all those school supplies.

It also makes me remember my own "going back to school experiences". Every year, I would be full of anticipation and expectations for what the new school year would bring. There was also a little "nervousness"- would I like my teachers? Would any of my friends be in my classes? How much homework would there be? Would I have anyone to go to recess or lunch with?
ShoesMy school required us to wear uniforms, so buying new school clothes was "all about the shoes". My mother and I would spend a day checking out all the latest and greatest shoe fashions. I would try on dozens of pairs until I found just the right ones. Once I had my new shoes, I was ready. Much of the anxiety would disappear as soon as I had those new shoes and when the first day came, I would walk up the steps of my school ready and confident. It was amazing how a little pair of shoes could give me so much confidence. Remembering this made me think- what is taking the place of those shoes for me today? What are your "new shoes"?
We all face new challenges every day. Sometimes just the expectation of them can bring forth a lot of anxiety. What can we do to turn that anxiety into confidence - that same feeling wearing those new shoes did for me so many years ago? We need to be sure we have equipped ourselves with those tools that give us confidence. For some of us it may be a marketing or sales plan. For some, it is learning how to use social media. For others it may be a tool to organize our day/lives. Some of us may need a new look. For others it is something totally different. The key is to identify what "your new shoes" are and to be sure you invest in them.
Take this time - this moment - think about those things that give you that extra energy, that extra confidence that you may need to face your challenges head on. When are you at your best? What are you doing when you are at your best? What is the situation? Try to use all of your senses to visualize you at your best. What do you look like when you are at your best? What kind of words are you saying? What are you wearing? What are you hearing others saying about you? How did you prepare? What did you have with you?

Once you finish visualizing, then remember it and try to replicate those success factors. The more we incorporate successful practices in our lives, the more successful we will be. We need to routinely update ourselves and equip ourselves with tools that make us confident. 
New ShoesFind "your shoes", wear them and remember you have to buy new ones from time to time. Our old shoes may be worn and comfortable and that is okay, but we need the new ones to add some excitement and to update our look.  I still go out and buy a new pair of shoes every fall. And I have to admit they do make me feel a little faster, a little sharper, and definitely ready to head out the door.  
Hope you had a GREAT summer and
are ready for "Back to School"!
Have you been putting off Facebook? 
Find us on FacebookMany of our clients ask us whether we think having a presence Facebook can make a real business difference. Let me share some Facebook facts with you. Then you can decide whether it is for you.
Why Facebook?
  • Facebook is the #1 most visited destination on the web
  • 75 million users log onto Facebook daily
  • There are more than 400 million active users
  • 50% of the active users log on to Facebook on any given day
  • More than 35 million users update their status each day
  • More than 60 million status updates posted each day
  • More than 5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each week
  • More than 1.5 million local businesses have active Pages on Facebook
  • Average user has 130 friends on the site
  • Average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook
  • Average user is a member of 13 groups
  • About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States
  • There are more than 65 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
Tips for Using Facebook for your business:
So how do you go about setting up a Facebook account? You may create a business account if you don't already have a standard Facebook account. To get started, you will need to first create a Facebook Ad or Facebook Page. Once you've entered in the required information, you will be taken to the "Facebook Login" page and asked if you have a Facebook account. If you do not currently have a Facebook account, then at this point, please select "I do not have a Facebook account." You will then need to enter your email address and date of birth.

Please be aware that managing multiple accounts is a serious violation of Facebook's Terms of Use. Therefore if you already have a personal Facebook Account, you will need to manage your business presence either through your personal page or by setting up another page that is dedicated to your business interests. Many individuals will set up a "Fan Page" to focus on their business. To create a Page, simply click on the "Create a Page" link under the Sign Up section of The "fans" of any of the Pages you administer will not have visibility or access to your personal account or profile. Any actions that you take as a Page administrator on your Page will show the Page's name as the actor and not your personal name. It is a great way to set up a business presence on Facebook.
Here is more information on how to use Facebook to promote your business:
Visit the IMPACT Learning Inc. website for more free tips like these.
Special Offer to our Readers
Special OfferOver the past several months many of you have been very interested in understanding how personality preferences have an impact on relationships, both face-to-face, as well as virtual. We have decided to offer our readers a personality profile assessment/report and debriefing coaching session for the very low rate of only $97. To take advantage of this special, one time only, offer you need to purchase it before September 30, 2010.

We all have to work with others, whether it is in a traditional office environment or a less traditional virtual or on-line relationship. Understanding your own personality preferences and how you can leverage or adapt them to interact more effectively with others can lead you to greater professional and personal success.

If you are interested, contact Carol. Remember this special offer expires on September 30, 2010. Don't miss out on learning how you can enhance your relationships with your co-workers and your customers.
You Can Still Get in on the Ground Floor!
Are you or anyone you know interested in getting involved with a network marketing company that is just kicking off? Salu International is a brand new Network Marketing Company that is a tremendous opportunity. Carol has accepted an officer role and will be one of the top distributors reporting directly to the founders. She is in the process of setting up the leadership of her line and is hoping to find about 3 or 4 more folks who are interested in helping her to build a multi- million dollar line. Even in this pre-launch period, the business is taking off. There are close to 300 distributors within the Salu and the company is still in pre-launch mode.
Salu International
Salu products are exceptional.  Antioxidants are critical for both protecting you from and combating many life threatening illnesses.  Salu will be providing one of the most potent antioxidants (bio-enhanced Resveratrol blend) available on the market today.  The products are all natural supplements:  Vital Res V (antioxidant) and Vital Flex (anti-inflammatory).  Resveratrol is being talked about everywhere these days:  Dr. Oz, Oprah, World News and Report - Feb issue, Time - Feb issue, many healthcare providers, and more.  Most recently Ernie Shaver, the boxer, endorsed and joined Salu. It is really exciting.
Salu also is very business owner/distributor friendly with a great compensation plan.  For more information contact Carol.  Don't hesitate!  Salu is in early launch and the benefits of signing up today are countless! Get in on the ground floor!  This opportunity will never come again and you get to work closely with Carol!

Ask her how you can reserve a top spot at no cost - for a limited time- reserve your spot, learn about the opportunity, then decide whether you want to join. Nothing to lose!!!  Contact Carol or go directly to to learn more.
Don't wait, dozens of folks are reserving their spot every day. The sooner you reserve, the closer to the top you are!!! Not interested, feel free to pass the information on to others.
Five Ways to Overcome Barriers to Change
One thing that we can all count on these days is change. As a coach, the most frequent conversation I have with my clients involves helping them to address and manage change effectively. Just today one of my clients shared frustration that he had spent the last several months working day and night on a particular "high priority" project only to learn that the project had to be put on hold due to "economic" factors. He was frustrated, disappointed and confused, especially since he now has to focus his efforts on implementing a new practice that will require a complete revamping of the day-to-day operations.

People often react to change by resisting it, and smart change agents know that being aggressive only makes people increasingly defensive. So what is a leader to do? How can you lead change effectively when the target keeps changing?

When you are faced with leading change. Here are five ways to move around the defenses and closer to your goal:
  1. Be clear on what exactly you want to accomplish- what, by when, who is involved, how much, etc.  Be sure you can clearly articulate and demonstrate the benefits, the rationale and the expected outcomes.
  2. Find another way in. If your change is rebuffed, try another tactic. Find out what matters to the people whose support your need and shift the focus of the change to take their preferences and goals into account.
  3. Build alliances. Identify those folks who you can convince to take your perspective. Make friends with administrative assistants, direct reports, or other people who spend time with them. These relationships often yield useful information and help get your ideas heard.
  4. Go bottom up. If senior management is resisting your idea, start from the bottom of the organization and build grassroots support. With enough backing, you may be able to convince leaders to reconsider.
  5. Look for alternative approaches. There are usually several different approaches that can lead to the same result. Consider different ways you can execute your goals. Provide people with options. The more involved they can be in the process and feel they are contributing to the outcomes, the sooner they will buy into the change.